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Download Private Instagram Stories

We all have loved to watch stories on Instagram of our friends, cousins, and family members or followed persons because the stories are a great way to present our memorable moment and share them on social media and connect with our followers or watch their Instagram stories.

But sometimes we loved some stories and want to download them and watch them offline when we miss them or anything else but we want to save them in our phone gallery but there is no default way provided by instagram to download private instagram stories and highlights.

But don’t worry about that we always ready to help you! InstaFinsta always feeling excited to solve your instagram downloading-related problem in the quickest or in the easiest way and prevent you to download any addition application. Many people ask that “How we download instagram private stores” but they did not find the easiest way to download private stories.

So, Be Chill! we have launched the private instagram stores downloader for you and the best part you should download as much as you want Instagram Private Stories and also we offer to download private instagram highlights in the same tab, but before you download any Private Instagram Stories/Highlights you have to followed that private account person and approved by them in order to download private instagram stories.

After that, you have to paste the link of Private Stories in InstaFinsta input box and click on open. Now, you have seen some kind of Alien text but in coders language, we called page source. Copy all that Page source code and paste inside the second box, Hit the download button for processing your Highlights or Stories downloading.

Note:- You have to log in with instagram account on the same browser which you are using for instagram stories downloading.